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The history of hymns is long and fascinating, as is that of the actual books in which they are found. As you will have seen from the home page, I collect hymn books. I am always eager to add to this list.  I hope at a later date to be able to publish more information about hymn books in general, but for now I have limited this site to Methodism and Hymns Ancient and Modern. Listed below are details of most of the Methodist hymn books which have been published in Great Britain, together with some from other countries (basically, the books I have come across - if you know of others [and even better, if you can let me have a copy] I will be glad to include details here).

Editions I own are indicated as follows (a date in brackets after indicates date of
+ Words only
# Music only
* Words and Music.
f Facsimile reprint.

By Charles Wesley:

Hymns and Sacred Poems (editions published in 1739, 1740 & 1742 by John,
published independently by Charles in 1749 {455 hymns})

Hymns of Everlasting Love

Hymns for Times of Trouble and Persecution

Hymns for Times of Trouble

Hymns on the Lord's Supper (1745 {166 hymns})

Hymns for the Nativity of Our Lord (1745) +f

Moral and Sacred Poems

Hymns for our Lord's Resurrection (1746) +f

Funeral Hymns (1746, 1759)

Hymns for those who seek and those who have Redemption in the Blood of Jesus

Hymns occasioned by the Earthquake (1750)

Hymns of Intercession for all Mankind

Short Hymns on Selected Passages of Holy Scripture (1762)

Hymns on the Trinity

Hymns and Prayers to the Trinity

Preparation for Death

Hymns for Love

Published by John Wesley:

A Collection of Psalms and Hymns (1737 [published in Georgia])

A Collection of Psalms and Hymns (1741 [After Wesley's death Dr Coke doubled
it; it was known as The Morning Hymn-Book. It fell into disuse after the 1831

Hymns and Sacred Poems (1742)

Hymns and Spiritual Songs intended for the use of real Christians of all
denominations (1752/53 [This was the Methodist hymn-book until 1780])

Select Hymns (1761)

Hymns for Children (1763)

Hymns for the use of Families (1767)

A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People called Methodists (1780 [Came to
be known as The Large Hymn Book] {525 hymns})

- Pocket edition (1785 [with additions and omissions])

- Second Pocket edition (1787 [further additions and omissions])


Hymns for Children and Young Persons (1806)

Hymns for Children, selected chiefly from Wesley and Watts (1814)

Sunday School Hymn Book for Wesleyan Methodist Sunday Schools (1827)

Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School Hymn Book (1857)

Methodist Scholar's Hymn Book (1870)

A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People called Methodists

- New Edition (1798 {550 hymns}) +

- With a Supplement (1831 {539 Hymns in Mr Wesley's days, + 21 additional =
560 + 209 in Supplement}) +

- With a new supplement (1875) +{1876}, *{1877}

- With a new supplement and The Methodist Sunday School Hymn Book (1879) +

- With a new supplement and The Methodist Scholars' hymn book +

Sunday School Hymn and Tune Book (1879) *, +

The Centenary Tune Book (1892) *

The Methodist Hymn-Book (1904 [jointly produced by Wesleyans and Methodist
New Connexion]) +, +, *

Methodist School Hymnal (1911 [Jointly produced by Wesleyans, United Methodist
Church and Wesleyan Reform Union]) +,*


A collection of hymns for revivals (1809)

A further collection - Small Hymn Book (1818)

The Large Hymn Book for the use of the Primitive Methodists (ed. Hugh Bourne
1825 [includes the Small Hymn Book])

John Flesher's Collection (1854)

- revised (1864) +

Primitive Methodist Sabbath School Union Hymns (1862)

Primitive Methodist Sunday School Union Hymn Book (1879) *

Primitive Methodist Hymnal (1886; tune book published 1889) +, *

- with supplement (1912) *

Primitive Methodist Sunday School Hymnal (1900) +, *

Methodist New Connexion:

[Used Wesley's book of 1780, with supplements, until 1834, when a new book was

Methodist New Connexion Juvenile Hymn Book (1862)

Hymns for Divine Worship (1864)

[They collaborated with the Wesleyans in the production of their hymn book in 1904,
and used that until 1933]

United Methodist Free Churches:

- 1830

- 1860

Methodist Free Church Sunday School Hymns (1860)

Methodist Free Church School Hymns (1888)

United Methodist Church Hymnal (1889)

United Methodist Church Hymnal Tune Book(1893) #{1907}

Independent Methodist Church:

Independent Methodist Hymnal

- Tune Book (1906) #

Bible Christian:

First book published ?

- Enlarged (1838)

- Slightly altered (1862)

- Revised (1888/9) +

The Bible Christians' Child's Hymn Book (1832)

The Bible Christian Sunday School Hymnal (c1894)

Methodist Church:

Methodist Hymn-Book (1933) +,*

The School Hymn Book of the Methodist Church (1950) +,*

Hymns and Songs (A Supplement to The Methodist Hymn Book) (1969) *

Hymns and Psalms (1983) +,*

Cliff Praise (undated, but post-1992) +

Welsh Methodism:

Hymn Book of the Calvanistic Methodist Church of Wales (1897) *

Hymn Book of the Calvanistic Methodist Church of Wales (1905) +

Hymn Book of the Calvanistic and Wesleyan Churches (1929-30) *(1929) +(1930)

Methodist Church (USA)

Hymns for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Church, revised (undated, but
probably C19) +

The Cokesbury Worship Hymnal (1938) *

The Methodist Hymnal (1939) *

- (1964) *

Hymns for the Family of God (Paragon Associates 1976)

The United Methodist Hymnal (1989) *